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Grassroots Guiding began with a desire to return to what guiding is all about. You. 
Captain Andy Lee understands that this is your trip and wants you to get the most out of your experience on the water. With a deep love for fishing and a great respect for the fish that call the everglades home, fly fishing and light tackle is what he does & he'd like to share it with you.  

Andy Lee has spent the last 19 years as a fly fishing guide. After guiding the beginning years in Colorado, Andy hungered for a place that wasn't over pressured, somewhere that always has new water to explore and Everglades National Park is a perfect fit.  A backcounty angler can fish and explore these waters for a lifetime always finding new and undiscovered water,  just what Andy was looking for.   Captain Andy Lee and his family started in Chokoloskee, just adjacent to Everglades City, a small fishing village that is within the borders of Everglades National Park and now live in Marco Island, just north of the Park. 

Andy began fishing as a child, fishing for anything that would swim.  A fly rod would accompany him whether it was a family vacation or a pike fishing trip to Canada. He just couldn't get enough of the sport.  When other kids wanted to be professional athletes, Andy dreamed of being a guide.  During college, he began guiding out west at the prestigious 4UR Ranch.  The second he graduated he made the move to Colorado to become Head Fly Fishing Guide.  This position gave Andy the opportunity to travel the globe, once again with fly rod in hand.  Whether fishing the Yucatan, Bahamas, New Zealand, Argentina, Chile, each location offered some new insight to this great sport, something that could return home with him, shaping him as a guide.  
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